Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fat orc, with step-by-step!

So, I finally got around to (it's hilarious how I make it seem like I have a life) finishing this bad boy. He's pretty much a study I started for lighting and color... really, just messing around mostly, but I wanted to pay a lot of attention to form and light, mainly. Since I was actually saving most of the layers individually I thought it would be cool to post the process of the image and kind of take you through the journey that is digital painting... for me, anyway.

The character changes a lot during the whole thing. He actually seems smarter at the beginning, ha. You can see that my decision to remove his hair (or the dark blob I considered to be hair) changes his personality in a big way. It's almost like taking a peak at my brain. Wild.


  1. I'm glad he took the toupe off; he wasn't fooling anyone.

  2. Hey Dude!!

    Great work!!!
    The blue lighting really makes him pop!!
    I like seeing your thoughts and development thru your 'work in progress' stages!!!

    I am currently doing a painting for an exhibition and scanning it in, step by step. Its a great way to evaluate and study the way you approach your work. Plus i think it makes good reading and learning for followers of your work to see how different artists approach their work. :)

    keep up the great work!