Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer time!

It is finally the season of sweat, watermelons and mosquito frenzies. Hopefully, this summer will prove to be a fruitful one. So far, it seems that things are looking up for me! I've got a few good things going, including a great new client and contract. I started work on the new project this week and can't wait to start putting it up here. Unfortunately, I will not be able to do so until I get clearance from my client. However, I have faith that the stuff I'm making will be available for the world (all 5 of you) to see much sooner than later.

Speaking of which, if you've found yourself reading all the way up to this sentence, let alone the blog itself, by all means, feel free to let people know that I like to draw and like to show people what I draw! Bring them here! Drop a line! Bring me a sandwich! Iced tea! Candy! GIVE ME FREE STUFF, PLEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!1

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  1. Long time reader first time comment-er, I just want to ask how are you planning on creating revenue in your paper company in a on going paperless world?