Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Class Assignment - Portrait

My scanning skills are terrible. It also doesn't help that the paper is twice as big as my scanner. There is more (not much) to this drawing that has been cut out, it does not fill the entire page like that. She also looks kinda deformed and I'm not too happy with a few things, but it turned out alright for breaking night right before class :P


  1. I guess you only lost the curve on his/her nose a little, and she seems a lot more surprised in your version. She also got some threading done on her eyebrows. Looks like you gave her "skrull ears", too.

    Not bad.

    Oh, and her face is a little longer.

    But who likes copying anyway.

  2. Funny thing about the "ear." I'm not entirely sure they are even ears in the first place. On the physical xerox copy it looks like a piece of her headdress or whatever. Some kind of accessory or something. I drew what I saw, I knew I wasn't drawing an ear :P

  3. Well, it still looks to me like you're creating a secret invader there.